Tobias Braeker mit seinem Radlader O&K L25

I love perfection

I started my career in the construction of huge cruise vessels at Meyer Shipyard.

Then, the products get smaller and I developed highly elastic ship couplings for torsional vibration damping.

Later, I designed, for a period of 7 years, mass production products for the automotive industry, such as window lifter switches, ignition switches and gear selector lever for automatic transmissions for Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Withal I stayed one year long in China and Japan as a teamleader mechanics.

Since 2007 I am working as a freelance engineer. And I designed, among other things, brakes and central buffer couplings for the railway industry.

Over 40 patents were created during this time.

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Tobias Braeker mit seinem Radlader O&K L25 und AnbaugerätenTobias Braeker mit seinem Radlader O&K L25 und Anbaugeräten

With this accumulated experience in research and development, I created 2009 my first own product:

The remote-controlled model wheel loader O&K L25

Since 2011 I work full time for Modellbau in feinster Technik

I am still amazed, how complex three-dimensional models are arising just from flat metal sheets. This faszination is my motivation, to share the joy of this creating prozess. Because shared pleasure is more than 2.

Therefore it is very important for me to design the assembly kids in this kind, that you will achieve a first class result with little knowledge and tools. Promised.

My products are technically mature, allready from series zero and sophisticated to the smallest detail. You can expect highest standards of precision and functionality.

Pleasure and respect when handling precious materials, enjoyment of beauty, harmony and perfection are living ideals, which are reflected in my products.

I like working for people who thankful appreciate my work.

Quality matters

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Tobias Braeker

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